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Colleges in India

With the gaining importance and recognition of Indian education system across the world, India is rapidly becoming an eminent destination of education in the global platform. The rising number of universities and affiliated colleges has created great options of gaining better professional education in India. There are hundreds of Universities and thousands of colleges in India offering different courses, including various professional courses.

The country has some very reputed institutions, which attract both Indian as well as foreign students. These top colleges in India offer curriculum carefully designed and tested to fulfill the professional requirement of the students as per the need of the time. This new look of education in India is definitely bringing hope on every face.

The best colleges in India are spread across the cities in the country. A large number of them are situated in metro cities, while the rest are scattered over small cities and towns. These colleges include Government colleges as well as Private Colleges.

Government Colleges in India

These are the public sector colleges managed by government rules and regulations along with aid from University Grants Commission (UGC). These colleges offer higher education for the undergraduate and postgraduate students. Some of them also provide solid ground for doctoral and research scholars to complete their thesis and papers on various subjects and courses recognized by UGC. The list of numerous government colleges in India include medical, engineering, technology, Law, science, commerce, arts, and other colleges offering varied discipline of subjects and curriculum.

Private Colleges in India

Like the numerous government colleges, there are equally large or rather more private colleges in India serving students with their various curriculum needs. Unlike government colleges, the private colleges in India are supported by various bodies and societies. However, over the years the number of private colleges in the country is intensifying rapidly and has crossed the number of government colleges in the country.

However, both the private and the government colleges are working towards the advancement and improvement of the higher education system in the country. Delhi being the capital is one of the hubs of excellent education system. The colleges in Delhi are highly esteemed and the city is the home to large number of national and foreign students from different parts of the country and across the globe. Similarly, there are many popular and reputed colleges in Bangalore and other cities like Pune and Mumbai. The colleges in Pune and that of Mumbai are also regarded highly by Indian students from different parts of the country and by foreign scholars as well.

Below is a list of some of the renowned colleges in India, including Government colleges and Private colleges in India:


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