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News Updates 28-11-2012 10:30 PM: A1 World Education
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A degree in Engineering is a dream of many aspiring students in the country. India has more than 4200 institutions offering engineering and other technical education to students. These institutions offer education to lakhs of students in the country. In fact, over the past decade, India has witnessed record growth in the number of institutions offering such technical education, which is still growing.

Amongst the innumerable colleges offering engineering courses to students in India, there are some that feature in the list of top engineering colleges in India. These colleges includes, IITS, NITs, deemed Universities and private institutions. There are various categories and branches of engineering, which present wide career options in engineering for students.

Broadly, the major branches of engineering can be divided as Chemical engineering, Electrical engineering, civil engineering and mechanical engineering. However, there are further sub-branches and extensions of these major branches and sub-disciplines, which can also be specialized in.

The scope of developing an excellent career in engineering in India has influenced many students across the nation to study in India by making an entry in the top engineering colleges in India. Many such students come and stay in major cities in the country to prepare for exams and aptitude tests that need to be cleared get admission in the top engineering colleges in India.

The engineering colleges in India are spread across the different states in all the four zones of the country and each zone has many good colleges offering engineering degree where students seek to get admission in. Delhi is the hub of North Zone in terms of education and major colleges of all faculties are situated here. There are few top engineering colleges in Delhi such as the IIT, DTU, NSIT, and so on.

Similarly, in the west zone some of the best engineering colleges in Mumbai feature in the top list. These include IIT-Bombay, VJTI, and D.J. Sanghvi College of engineering, amongst others. Likewise the south and the east zone also have their share of top engineering colleges in India, which features amongst the top educational institutes in India.

The presence of such top rated engineering institutions definitely make India a sought after destination for engineering.


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