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Many young students dream of building a career as doctor by studying medicine and most of them seek to get admission in the top medical colleges in India. Practicing in the field of medicine is said to be a noble job where you get to cure ill and unwell people. India has a large number of medical colleges including public and private colleges which produce thousands of doctors every year.

These colleges allow you to choose a good career option in medical. The public or government run top medical colleges in India are located in different states of the country.

Each state possesses many medical colleges where students can get admission by clearing entrance exams and study to be become successful doctors. Some of these colleges are run by government, whereas others are privately owned.

The quality of education offered in the top medical colleges in India attract many foreign students to come to study in India and to pursue their dream of studying medical sciences. Cities like Delhi possess some of the best medical colleges where you can gain in-depth knowledge and hands on Practice. Among the top medical colleges in Delhi include the All India Institute of Medical science, which is ranked as the top medical college in India.

The Christian Medical College in Vellore is the second best ranked medical colleges in India, whereas the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune is the third one. Even the Maulana Azad Medical College in Delhi features in the top five medical colleges in India.

Like Delhi, Mumbai also has many medical colleges spread across the state. The best medical colleges in Mumbai see students fighting for seats and admission.

Not only government medical colleges, India has many good private colleges offering various courses on medicine. And these medical colleges feature amongst the top educational institutes in India.


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