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Education in Delhi

The quality of education in Delhi has gone up to great levels over the years, thereby making Delhi one of the premier destinations for education in India. There have been constant positive changes in the education system in Delhi over the years and these changes have helped in getting Delhi the position it has gained so far.

The city has seen the emergence of many new institutions including schools, colleges, Universities, professional institutions and more. In addition to the government institutions, there are large numbers of reputed private top educational institutions in Delhi. In fact, Delhi has emerged as a one stop destination for all educational needs of students from school level to the completion of studies and starting of career.

Delhi is not only fulfilling the educational needs of Indian students but students from across the world are benefiting here. The city receives students from neighboring countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Pakistan as well as many other Middle Eastern and African countries. Students come to Delhi to pursue different courses such as Management, IT, Medicine, Law, Engineering, Humanities, Fine Arts, Theater, and much more.

Most International students also come to Delhi to learn the Art and Culture of the country, its History, Languages, Ayurveda, Classical Dance and Music and much more. They also come here to fulfill their desires of learning different aspects of life in the country.

The schools in Delhi, where students get their formal education ground and train the child firmly to strive for excellence in the later course of their educational life. There are some exceptionally good schools in the city such as Mother’s International, Delhi Public School-R.K Puram, Sanskriti School, Army Public School, Modern School, Vasant Valley School, and so on.

Likewise the universities in Delhi are best in the country and have worldwide recognition. IGNOU, JNU, Delhi University and Jamia Millia Islamia are some good examples. These colleges and universities in Delhi receive large number of international students.

Some of the top schools in Delhi include the following:



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