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Colleges in Delhi

Delhi has the standing of being a popular hub of education in India, especially because it is the capital of the country. The number of educational institutes in Delhi is innumerable and these include both government recognized and private institutions. There are good numbers of colleges in Delhi and most of them are recognized for their quality education.These colleges in Delhi not only cater to students from all over India but also International students from various parts of the world.

There are some of the top colleges in Delhi offering different professional and regular courses and over the years the number of these colleges in Delhi is significantly increasing. Some such colleges offer regular graduation and post-graduation courses in arts, science and commerce, while there are others providingprofessional courses like Management, Engineering, Law, Medicine, fashion designing, interior designing, fine arts, and many other interesting courses.

Additionally, there are many other noteworthy aspects which make Delhi a popular destination for education. One such feature is the fact thatthe infrastructure and facilities that these colleges offer is simply outstanding. Besides, the high standing of the universities in Delhi gives students an edge over students of other universities. So, the affiliation or association of any college with Delhi University makes students very keen on getting enrolled in that college. And since the majority of the colleges in Delhi are affiliated to Delhi University, so the syllabus for these colleges are set by the University and exams are also conducted under their supervision.

Private colleges in Delhi

Delhi being the capital and one of the biggest metropolises presents an extensive opportunity for students to study in the numerous colleges in the city. There are thousands of private colleges in and around the city where students can study in the finest of environments and amidst the most intellectual faculties and some of the equally bright students.

Government colleges in Delhi

The number of government colleges in Delhi might be less than the private institutions, however, the demand of these colleges, especially the IT, engineering and medical colleges are immensely high. Students prepare throughout the year to get though the admission tests of these government colleges in Delhi.

Delhi woos students from even the farthest corner of the country to come and study in the colleges in Delhi for a better and prosperous career. Amongst the best colleges in Delhiwould also include many renowned IT and engineering colleges in Delhi, Management colleges in Delhi anda whole range of other colleges offering variety of courses and curriculum. These colleges produce successful graduates in different streams every year.


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