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Schools in Delhi

Delhi can verily be said as the center of modern education in India.The numerous public and private educational institutions provide education in Delhi. The schools in Delhi are the grounds of providing formal education and it is here that students get to build their basic knowledge, which should be very strong for a prosperous educational future. Delhi boasts of some of the premiumschools in the country.

The school education in India is divided into different levelssuch as preparatory schools, primary schools, secondary schools andsenior secondary schools. However, most of the schools in Delhi have all the levels from primary to secondary or even senior secondary within itself.

The system of imparting education in the schools in Delhi is unique and interesting, which make students enjoy their studies rather running away from them. Moreover, the infrastructure of these top schools in Delhi is fabulous too.

There are many good reasons for students to enroll in the schools in Delhi. The city has a number of residential schools as well, which offer good accommodation option to the students. The schools in Delhi can be divided into Government and Private schools and are affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE). Most schools in Delhi use English as the medium of teaching, whereas some of them also use Hindi.

The public or government schools in Delhi are managed by the Delhi Directorate of Education (DoT), which is regarded as one of the largest management of school education system in the country.

Residential schools in Delhi

The educational hub in India, Delhi, has many good and reputed residential schools competing against each other while providing the best educational facilities for students. Being one of the best cities for quality education most parents want their children to study in Delhi schools. And so to accommodate the outstation students in the city, Delhi has a good number of residential or boarding schools offering remarkable campus facilities for students. These include many co-educational, English medium schools present high quality education for students from all over the country and even abroad.

Public Schools in Delhi

Delhi also has a good number of public schools offering good quality education for students. These are also known as State schools or Government schools. These are mainly primary or secondary schools.

International Schools in Delhi

Serving the expat community as well as locals are the International Schools in Delhi with their unique curriculum. Most of these International Schools are co-educational and follow different curriculums and boards of education.


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