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Education is spreading its wings in India in terrific speed and in every nook and corner. The educational institutes in India are the pillars and most significant aspects of education in the country. Indeed the top educational institutions in India are the driving forces that are stimulating the growth of the education industry in the country.

An educational institute is a place where students enroll to receive formal education. Here teaching is done as per a set curriculum and teachers teach students with the help of books.

There are some very good and reputed educational institutes in India spread across different cities and towns of the country. These institutes provide top rated education to students. Within the sphere of these institutes come schools, colleges, Universities, professional institutes and more. The colleges can again be divided into art/science/commerce colleges, Law colleges, engineering colleges, medical colleges, management colleges and others.

Metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore etc., has many world-class educational institutes. Some of these top educational institutes in Delhi offer outstanding facilities and courses for a better future of students. The city has some very good schools, colleges and Universities.

The colleges in Delhi offer various programs on graduate and post graduate level. Moreover, the top universities in the city accommodate thousands and thousands of students from India and abroad who enroll every year.

Like Delhi, the top educational institutes in Bangalore also receive students from all parts of the country. In fact, this city along with Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad has emerged as most sought after educational destination for Indian students from across the country.

Below is a list of some of the best educational institutes in India:

Best Schools in India


Best Colleges in India



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