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Mumbai is a huge center of education and learning in India. There are thousands of schools in Mumbai offering primary and secondary education. These schools in Mumbai help in shaping the young minds and prepare them for tough challenges in life ahead. Many of the top schools in Mumbai follow international standards and guidelines for teaching students.

The academic programs followed in these schools in Mumbai are innovative which aid in developing critical-thinking in students and in making them confident to stand for their goals and choices in life. Moreover, students are also given wide opportunities to perfect their skills and hidden talents.

The best schools in Mumbai offer sprawling campus where every activity of students such as sports, cultural events, music, and arts can be guided and encouraged in the guidance of experienced teachers.

Some of these schools in Mumbai offer programs from pre-primary level to secondary education. So these schools have playschool, primary school, lower secondary education and secondary education.

Top Schools in Mumbai

Some of the top schools in Mumbai are namely, Ajmera Global School, American School of Bombay, Bombay Scottish School, Oberoi International School, Campion School, Holy Family School, St. Theresas High school, Hiranandani Foundation School, JamnabaiNarsee School and St. Xavier’s High School among many others.

Public Schools in Mumbai

Along with thousands of private schools, Mumbai city also boasts of some very popular and reputed public or government schools. And these government schools are serving the purpose of innumerable students in making them successful individuals in life.

Girl’s Schools in Mumbai

Most of the schools in Mumbai are co-educational, but there are some schools meant specifically for girls. Some popular girl’s school in Mumbaiare namely, Mary Immaculate Girls High School, St Anne's Girls High School, J.B Petit high School for girls and St. Columbus School. BaiAwabai AF Petit Girls High School is another top school in Mumbai for girls with boarding facilities. These all-girls schools best portray the importance of the concept of education for girls’ in Mumbai.

Residential schools in Mumbai

Mumbai has a good number of residential schools where outstation students from all over the country as well as across borders can study. These boarding schools fulfills the purpose of students in every sphere of education like academics, co-curricular activities, cultural and crafts works, sports, music and other interests of students.

The school education in Mumbai can be termed as one of the best in the country and it is improving every year.


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