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Schools happen to be the formative pillars for building a strongground for a prosperous and successful career in life. It is in the school where you first learn languages and other subjects, which is why it is important to have a genuine and strong grounding in your elementary school education so that your basics become clear. There are some very good and renowned schools in India, which are counted as top schools in India and across cities. The first school that a child goes is the pre-school, after which students enter primary school, then move on to secondary and higher secondary school.

In India there are several educational boards for school education. CBSE, ICSE and many state boards are available for students to get quality school education in the country. These educational boards prepare course outline for students keeping in view the international standards so that students can compete effectively while pursuing higher education for a professional career.

Having their basics right is very important and schools play a significant role in nurturing the student from early on. There are many top ranking schools in India located in different cities across the country.

Schools in Delhi

Many reputed schools in Delhi belong to the category of top ranking schools in India. The reputation of schools in Delhiisimmensely high, especially the top ranking schools in Delhi. Be it the education format, student-teacher ratio, atmosphere, co-curricular activities, school transportation and other related aspects, schools in Delhi maintain the best facilities for students.

Schools in Mumbai

Like Delhi, Mumbai also has some much acclaimed and celebrated schools. These schools with their best education and equally good sports and recreational facilities turn students to be complete achievers in life.

Besides, there are many good schools in other metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Chennai. Over years, the tier II and tier III cities in India are also growing immensely in terms of good schools. In fact, cities like Dehradun, Darjeeling, Shimla, Ajmer, Kodaikanal and numerous other cities have some very good schools including esteemed residential schools.

Residential schools in India

Residential schools in India are those that offer lodging and boarding facilities to students during their stay in the school. There are many residential schools in Indiaspread acrosscities in the country. Many of them have students coming from across countries.

We are mentioning here names of some best schools in India, including residential schools:


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