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News Updates 28-11-2012 10:30 PM: A1 World Education
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Indian students going to abroad for higher studies is very common and with time the number of such students is increasing in large numbers. Every year lakhs of students go to abroad for study from India to and gain degrees. This is especially more in case of higher studies and professional courses. The most preferred countries chosen by Indian students for education abroad are mainly the United States followed by United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.

Maximum number of Indian students going abroad for higher studies prefers to take admission in American colleges and Universities. And the major point of attraction of studying in USA is the scholarships offered by the higher educational institutions in US. The increasing number of visa applications by Indian students is a proof of the same. It is estimated that approximately 100,000 Indian students are studying in US Universities across the country at the moment.

With popular and highly recognized Universities like Cambridge, Oxford and UCL, United Kingdom is another popular destination for Indian students for higher studies. The best part of studying in UK is that students get several part time jobs to make money for their studies and other needs. Of late, Canada has also emerged as a lucrative destination for Indian students to pursue education abroad. The fact that the tuition fees are low along with a low cost of living makes this destination appealing. Moreover, the lenient rules on visa also make it a sought after destination for education for Indian students.

Similarly, Australia and New Zealand are also gaining recognition as preferred destinations for Indian students to study abroad. Australia offers a variety of professional courses and most students prefer to study in public institutions in the country, due to its superior education qualities. The country also offers great job opportunities.

In addition, new emerging destinations like Europe, China, and Singapore are also becoming highly sought after countries for education abroad. Students prefer to study in Europe, especially in countries like Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, and so on.


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