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News Updates 28-11-2012 10:30 PM: A1 World Education
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For most Asian students, UK is the top international destination for education. Most students dream of studying in UK and making it big in life. Opting UK as education destination allows many benefits to the students. The first and foremost thing about UK education is that the degrees and qualifications received from UK are recognized and respected all over the globe.

Moreover, UK offers vast choice of institutions, academies and subjects to choose from. Besides, the modern learning environment, quality of education, duration of programs, affordability of studying in UK, and a multicultural environment of education and living makes UK the prime destination for education abroad. The educational institutions in UK apply many different ways of teaching and assessment to motivate the young minds towards creative ideas and thinking.

Talking about UK’s educational institutions, UK definitely has some of the best schools and colleges. There are some of the world’s top schools in UK where you can study. Likewise, the colleges and universities in UK are world class and renowned all over the globe. Due to this, the number of international students in UK pursuing higher education and professional courses is definitely more than in any other European country.

Another advantage that International students have in UK is that they can apply for various scholarship programs as well as loans and funding for study in UK. All this encourages lot many foreign students to enroll for undergraduate degree and master courses in top colleges in UK.

Amongst the top Universities in UK include the Cambridge University, Oxford University, Warwick University, St Andrews University, University College London, Birmingham City University, Lancaster University, London South Bank University, Newcastle University, University of Bradford, University of Essex, University of Leeds, University of Manchester, and University of Arts London etc.

Students from India prefer to study in the best institutions and universities, public or private, in UK for their higher studies. Studying in UK can grab you the opportunity of studying in one of the best educational institution in the world.


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