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Universities are the top most institutions for education in India and there are over 634 Universities in India including Central, State and Deemed Universities, Private Universities and others. In addition, there are thousands of colleges spread across different states in India. The country has many famous and distinguished Universities, popular across border. The top Universities in India also receive students from other countries like Afganistan, Tanzania, Malaysia, Iran, Ethopia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, China, Sri Lanka, as well as from neighboring countries like Nepal, Bhutan Bangladesh etc. The most advantageous feature that education in India provides is that we follow British Education System with English as the medium of teaching. This attracts large number of International students to study in the Universities in India.

Most of these students prefer to study is cities like Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and more recently Mysore. Pune is very popular amongst many foreign students with its esteemed Universities in Pune including the Pune University and Symbiosis University. Students get attracted in pursuing higher studies in this city, mainly because of the low cost of living and large number of educational institutions. More recently, the city of Mysore with its Mysore University is also gaining a lot of exposure and large number of national as well as Asian and African students from various countries.

Further, the Universities of Delhi also receive maximum students from all over India and large numbers of foreign students. In fact, Delhi University provide special attention to the foreign students by offering them separate accommodation and other arrangements. The Universities of Bangalore and the Universities of Mumbai are also popular among students.

The best Universities in India offer top-notch education for undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral courses.

Top Universities in Delhi

Delhi has some of the best Universities which are the focus of attention of students from all over the country. Thousands and thousands of students aim at getting admission and studying in these universities in Delhi. These universities offer courses on every discipline of education including arts, commerce, sciences, bio-technology, IT, law, medical, engineering, management, computers, and a whole new list of curriculums and disciplines. With top Universities like JNU, Jamia Millia Islamia, University of Delhi, IIT Delhi, and many others, Delhi is definitely a much sought after education destination.

Top Universities in Mumbai

With Top Universities which are recognized as centers of excellence, Mumbai presents good opportunities to students to study in its best educational institutions like IIT Bombay, University of Mumbai, SNDT Women's University, and many others.

Some of the renowned Universities in India are given below:


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