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Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful states in India and a popular tourist destination as well. However, the popularity of Uttarakhand as an education center has also been long established. Over the past few decades, this state with its lovely hill stations has been the hub of some very renowned and esteemed schools such as the Doon School, Welham Girls School and Indian Military College in Dehradun, Woodstock School, Oak Grove School, and St. George School in Mussoorie and Sherwood College and Saint Joseph in Nainital and many more.

These are some of the very famous and top schools in Uttarakhand, which are serving the purpose of excellent education and overall development of students ever since. These schools have been attracting students not only from various parts of India but from across the world to study in Uttarakhand.

The high esteem of Uttarakhand education is also known from the fact that many renowned personalities in India from various fields like politics, entertainment, bureaucracy, etc., did their schooling in Uttarakhand and its best schools. These eminent personalities encourage many young students from all over to study in Uttarakhand.

However the quality education level of the state in not just limited to schools. And the fact is there are many top colleges in Uttarakhand. For foreign students planning to study in India can definitely choose to study in Uttarakhand.

The state has many reputed engineering and technology colleges such as Birla Institute of Applied Sciences-Nainital, College of Technology-Pantnagar, IIT Roorkee, and Institute of Professional Studies-Dehradun and so on. Besides, there are medical colleges, management colleges and many other colleges offering professional education. Uttarakhand also provides education on Ayurvedic therapy in the Ayurvedic collage in Uttarakhand located in Rishikesh.

The options of studying in Uttarakhand are limitless as the state provides widespread educational courses and huge opportunities. This state receives students from all over the country who come to study in Uttarakhand and to build successful career. Moreover, the capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun is the place where many distinguished institutions like the Indian Military Academy (IMA), and Survey of India are located.

Some of the reputed schools, Colleges and universities in Uttarakhand are listed below:



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