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News Updates 28-11-2012 10:30 PM: A1 World Education
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With every passing year, the level of education across the world is rising tremendously. Students of the current generation are becoming more and more eager to cross borders to gain value education for a bright future. In this environment, the quality of institutions providing education has also gained immense growth and the number of top colleges and universities across globe is rising too. There are hundreds of top universities in the world which are featured as amongst the best and the leading universities across continents.

There are few criteria on what basis the global university performance tables are judged and measured to find out the top Universities of the World. Some of these criteria include teaching, research, knowledge transfer, and an international outlook.

The top universities across globe had to excel in all unique categories and performance indicators to reach the level of being the top universities in the world. Moreover, the indicators should be such that they are trusted by everyone including students, university leaders, academics, industry as well as the government.

Most countries across world boost of best universities and world class education system. Though the level of world education is growing, it varies depending on country to country and some countries are high ranked then others. Accordingly, countries like USA, UK, Australia and Canada are mostly preferred by students when it comes to studying abroad as these countries are at an elevation in terms of their education system.

In fact, the US boasts of the largest concentration of international students followed by the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Australia. A large percentage of students from all over the world come to study in USA in their top Universities.

In addition, countries like New Zealand, Korea, Greece, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Ireland also has large number of international students studying in its various cities and various universities. Moreover, in the recent years, many Asian and Middle Eastern countries are also attracting international students to its top ranking universities.

India has also emerged with a strong and developed education system, which it has established over the last few years. And this is evident by the increasing number of international students who come to study in India. These students enroll in the top universities in India as the country boasts of some of the best universities in the world.

The situation is getting better everywhere and in the coming years more and more countries will join the band of having top universities in the world with top class education system.


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